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"For the past two years we have been working with Brian and his agency, he has assisted us with navigating the Affordable Care Act "Pay or Play" mandate.We recommend you contact Brian. You'll be glad you did.."

ABEO Insurance Agency, LLC is a "hands on" agency providing, employer health benefits, compliance and consulting practice assisting employers in Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding areas. "Hands-on" for me means - I am responsible for start to finish implementation, and the on-going servicing of your business.

My Story

In 1987 my career started with one of the largest integrated financial institutions in North American, which eventually landed me in North Carolina.  After nearly 20 years of experiences in lending, investments, human resources and sales management my role transitioned to insurance in 2007 with an agency in eastern North Carolina. I focused on deepening my understanding of insurance concepts by earning my Accredited Advisor of Insurance (AAI), and most importantly working with employers to understand their needs. I learned unlike other financial products where the benefit is immediate, insurance is a financial service which we are emotionally detached until we really need it...whatever the event at that time, we want to know we are covered!  

Circa 2008 the Affordable Care Act was introduced and eventually passed in 2010...not much changed right? The ACA changed health insurance for all of us, before long employers began to realize this legislation was indeed complex and requiring help from informed advisors how to navigate the new health plans and prepare for compliance rules. Well after a lot of late night reading, time on the internet, continuing education classes and painfully di-secting the IRS rules about "pay or play" regulations we felt ready to begin dedicating our energy entirely to employer health benefits and consulting. Well the rest is history as they say....

Established in 2012, our Agency has been growing since, developing long term relationships with small and large clients based on the principle "KNOWLEDGE HAS IT'S ADVANTAGES"  We invite you to reach out, give us call,  email us, read our reviews, we might just be the right fit for your business.


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